Sourdough Made Simple

Join Shannon as she guides you through the Sourdough School House signature "Belle Loaf".

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This LIVE workshop is FREE if you promise to share your loaf and #bakeitforward!


Bake It Forward: Promise to share your first loaf and get the live workshop for free! Register below!


What to Expect In Sourdough Made Simple ...

Join Shannon for this two-hour Live Digital Workshop that will guide you through the multi-day sourdough process and fermentation of our signature "Belle Loaf" in one sitting!

Get prepared to mix your dough and get started, or just grab a pen and paper and watch the sourdough process - you do NOT have to bake along! You will still get a lot out of this workshop!

The digital live workshop includes:

  • Access to how to build and create a starter. (*This is a MUST to make Sourdough bread. If you are new to Sourdough, take the time to develop a good starter and watch the live videos afterwards as a starter is absolutely necessary for your success.)
  • Timeline of the Sourdough bake
  • Recipe of our signature "The Belle Loaf"
  • Live guided instruction by the Head Baker at Sourdough School House, Shannon Peckford
  • Instructional videos from the bread portion of our Sourdough Series 101 after the live call.
  • Challenges where you can WIN prizes!

Upcoming Sourdough Made Simple Workshops

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Bake It Forward!

This LIVE workshop is FREE if you promise to share your loaf!


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