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What People Are Saying:

I am so glad I took the plunge! Baking sourdough bread has been a very rewarding experience for myself and my family. I signed up for Shanon’s sourdough 101 course 4 months ago and the experience of baking healthy and delicious loaves of bread has been so enjoyable. Shannon’s courses are so well laid out and the videos really support you being successful. I especially love the fact that I will always have access to the course information. As well, the support from Shannon and other students always means you have quick answers to your questions. I look forward to taking more of her courses in the near future! You will not be disappointed!

Mary Lynn Honsinger

I have taken the Sourdough 101 course and it was a game changer. Up until I started utilizing Shannon's recipes and method I could not count on the results of my sourdough making. Now each week I have beautiful loaves and bagels to enjoy and to share with my friends and family. The instructional videos are so helpful to fine tune the intricacies of the sourdough method. I highly recommend the courses and the Sourdough School House staff.

Cathy MacDonald

I bought this series on black Friday and had NO IDEA how much I would love learning from Shannon. I have to say that I think it's unique that she is able to deliver the correct info, demonstrate the "moves", and provide print outs (I learn best when I can hear, see and read a recipe!), so this worked perfectly. Its unique in that you don't feel like you are watching a cooking show but it also doesn't seem amateur or like she is trying to impress anyone. She is fast and to the point with a wonderful personality, which makes watching the videos fast and simple. I often have them on while I'm multitasking, then watch them again while I am starting my mix with the print out next to me. Shannon doesn't waste any time, and before you know it, you'll be diving head first into the beautiful Belle loaf. After my first bake, I was hooked! I've made everything in the course and also went on an entire week cooking/baking binge where I stocked my deep freezer with delicious loaves, bagels, pretzels, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, pizza doughs, etc! I've made belle loaves almost every single day since I purchased the series, and my friends and family look forward to trying my newest inclusion breads. My current obsession is black truffle olive oil belles! Delicious, fun, smart and 100% worth it!

Clare Gephart

I was enjoying the Sourdough Series 101 course so much that I thought that I would explore more courses from The Sourdough Schoolhouse. The Sourdough Pasta Series exceeds my expectations tenfold. I have had a lot of experience making homemade pasta in my career and for my family over the years, however, I have to say that Sourdough Pasta trumps any homemade pasta that I have ever tasted. The recipes are delicious! My family is over the moon with the Ricotta Gnocchi with Rose Sauce. As a culinary instructor myself, I find the course material excellent, very user-friendly and thorough. The support that the students receive from the Master Classes is an additional bonus that I also thoroughly enjoy. The videos are a great learning tool - I refer to them often to refresh my memory as I go through the recipes. I highly recommend this Sourdough Pasta Series course.

Denise Paré-Watson