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Sourdough Croissants At Home  

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Learn sourdough croissants step-by-step in this comprehensive online clinic.

Get lifetime access to the training so you can practice your croissants any time.

Founder & Head Baker

What You Get

✔️ LIFETIME Access to the Entire Croissant Clinic Online

✔️ 24/7 Online Access to All Videos and Training Material 

✔️ Multi-Day Training

  • Day 1: Dough Prep, Butter Block, Dough Development Discussion
  • Day 2: Lamination, Filling Prep, Shaping
  • Day 3: Finish Proofing & Bake

✔️ Comprehensive Workbook ($29 Value)

✔️ BONUS Sourdough Starter & Framework Workshops ($17 Value)

Success Starts Here

At Sourdough School House, we want to see you achieve your baking goals. Whether you are just starting your sourdough journey, or looking to improve your skills, we'll help you get there with our integrated Success Path.


What Our Students Say

Cathy Macdonald

"I have taken the Sourdough pastry course and it was so helpful. After learning basic sourdough I wanted to develop my skills to try other aspects of baking sourdough. The instructional videos are so helpful to fine tune the intricacies of the sourdough method. I highly recommend the courses and the Sourdough School House staff."

Tomoko Nishida-Castro

"This is the best money I spent on anything! I LOVE this series. I am only week 1 Day 3, and I already feel comfortable and confident in making more than sourdough loafs. My family LOVES it, too. Shannon's instruction is very thorough, yet easy to follow. ... I cannot say enough good thing about this course. Thank you!"

Erin Loraas


"As expected, this course is amazing. I love how I can bake along side Shannon, and it feels like she’s walking me through it step by step."

More Bonuses = More Fun

Sourdough Starter Mini Workshop

We've integrated a Sourdough Starter mini workshop so you can get success from the start.


Comprehensive Workbook

All the tips and techniques you need at your fingertips. Includes your recipe, tips and techniques and more.


Bonus Discard Recipe

Bonuses are the best! Get a bonus discard  recipe alongside your registration.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Shannon! I am a wife, mom of 3 and Founder and Instructor at Sourdough School House. I love to learn, experiment and teach my students how to feel confident baking sourdough.

My #1 priority is to be your guide on your sourdough journey and I am obsessed with your success. My goal is to get you baking with success from Day 1.

I'm not one to play favourites, but over all the various sourdough recipes I bake, sourdough croissants are one of my FAVOURITES. After this clinic, you will know every step to making beautiful, flavourful and delicious sourdough croissants at home. Sourdough croissants are incredibly fun and gratifying to make. I know your family and friends are going to be truly WOW-ed with your new skill!


- xoxo Shannon

See Inside the Croissant Clinic

Step-By-Step Training

Your clinic will walk you step-by-step through sourdough croissants.

  1. Day 1: Dough Prep, Butter Block, Dough Development Discussion
  2. Day 2: Lamination, Filling Prep, Shaping
  3. Day 3: Finish Proofing & Bake

*You get LIFETIME access to your croissant training online!


Comprehensive Workbook

Filled to the brim with tips and tricks, worksheets, information, recipes and more, this workbook is your kitchen sidekick as you embark on this exciting journey. It is your Croissant Clinic encapsulated.


Lifetime Online 24/7 Access

Learning sourdough in a way that fits YOUR schedule is what we are all about. Access your material day and night for one full year. Perfect for those before bed learning sessions and those early morning bakes.




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If you have completed the entire Croissant Clinic and are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Learn to Make Sourdough Croissants

So much fun to make and even more enjoyable to eat and give. Sourdough croissants are a wonderful and gratifying recipe to have in your repertoire.


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  •  LIFETIME Access Online 24/7

  • Step-By-Step Clinic - Day 1: Dough Prep, Butter Block, Dough Development Discussion / Day 2: Lamination, Filling Prep, Shaping / Day 3: Finish Proofing & Bake

  •  Comprehensive Workbook

  • BONUS Sourdough Starter & Framework Workshops