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Learn about the different types of inclusions, how and when to add them and what rules of thumb you need to follow for outstanding results every time.

Founder & Head Baker

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✔️ Lifetime access to the Entire Workshop Online

✔️ 24/7 Online Access to All Videos and Training Material 

✔️ Multi-Part Workshop (Value $71)

  • The Art of Inclusions - What, when and how
  • Savoury and Sweet - Know your dough
  • Presentation - when inclusions change colour
  • Bonus Discard Recipe

✔️ Comprehensive Workbook ($19 Value)

✔️ BONUS Sourdough Starter & Framework Workshops ($17 Value)

"No Better Place to Learn Sourdough"

- Stephanie W.


Success Starts Here

At Sourdough School House, we want to see you achieve your baking goals. Whether you are just starting your sourdough journey, or looking to improve your skills, we'll help you get there. This is our success path and we have helped hundreds of students to gain the confidence to bake sourdough and get great results.


More Bonuses = More Fun

Sourdough Starter Build & Care Workshop

Receive our Sourdough Starter Build & Care Workshop 100% FREE so you can get success from the start.


Comprehensive Workbook

Your guide to the entire workshop. It includes your recipe, tips and techniques, bonuses and more.


Bonus Recipes

Bonuses are the best! Get a bonus discard recipe inside the workshop.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Shannon! I am a wife, mom of 3 and Founder and Instructor at Sourdough School House. I love to learn, experiment and teach my students how to feel confident baking sourdough.

My #1 priority is to be your guide on your sourdough journey and I am obsessed with your success. My goal is to get you baking with success from Day 1.

After the Sourdough Inclusions Workshop, you will be familiar with a variety of different inclusion types and have the skills to assess when and how to add them. The goal is that you bake beautiful sourdough bread with inclusions that turns out every time!

- xoxo Shannon

See Inside the Workshop

Step-By-Step Workshop

Your workshop will walk you step-by-step through sourdough inclusions:

  1. Sourdough Inclusions Step-By-Step Tutorial
  2. The Variety Of Inclusions & How to Use Them
  3. Bonus Discard Recipe

Comprehensive Workbook

Filled to the brim with tips and tricks, worksheets, information, recipes and more, this workbook is your kitchen sidekick as you embark on this exciting journey. It is your workshop encapsulated.


24/7 Accessible Material

Learning sourdough in a way that fits YOUR schedule is what we are all about. Access your material day and night and plan your bake ahead of time. Perfect for those before-bed learning sessions and those early morning bakes.


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What Our Students Say

Tara Nicole

"Amazing place to learn. I had never had any experience prior with sourdough. This course walks you through step by step with videos that are easy to understand. I feel very confident working with sourdough now. Gives you everything you need for the basics and more! Highly recommended."

Jennifer K.

"I documented my first bake today. You are such a great teacher! Best money I’ve spent in a while. Thank you so much for helping me make my first SD bread! Xoxo"

KandK Gilbert


"I'm so glad I took the plunge to learn sourdough. I've been baking "regular" bread for a long time, so wasn't sure I wanted to put the time in to relearning a new method. But it's so fun, and so delicious! Shannon walks you through step by step with so much clarity, and there's tons of support if you need help. I definitely recommend!"

Your Price

$56 USD


  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Workshop Online

  •  24/7 Online Access to All Videos & Training

  • Multi-Part Workshop (Value $71) - What, when and how, Savoury and Sweet, Know your dough, Presentation

  • Comprehensive Workbook ($19 Value)

  • BONUS Sourdough Starter & Framework Workshops ($17 Value)

Are you ready to make endless sourdough flavours with inclusions ?

Your best sourdough is the one that you have the most fun with! Create the flavours you love with endless options to what you can add to your sourdough bread.